Thai Craft Beer & Imported Beers at Chiang Dao Nest 1 & 2

For a number of years we have usually stocked an imported beer or two, mostly at Nest 1. In the past year, coinciding with the advent of more new Thai Craft Beers becoming available, we have experimented with stocking a larger range based on the win-win idea that if they don't sell the worse that happens is that we have some interesting beers to drink for ourselves! Thankfully for our livers they have been selling fairly well, so we are now committing to stocking a range of brews at both Nest 1 and 2.

Thai Craft Beer

Chiang Dao Nest is very happy to be supporting the Thai Craft Beer scene by stocking a few brews.

Thai Craft Beer brewing is still in it’s infancy. By their nature, these beers can be a hit and miss affair, and there is a wide variety of flavours. They are probably best avoided unless you are prepared to take a chance as they are pricey, particularly in comparison to the Chang, Leo, Singha etc. There are some online reviews of some of these Thai Craft Beers out there, please check them if you are concerned that you might be disappointed. Do bear in mind that in the end it comes down to personal taste.

As mentioned above, these beers are not cheap. Due to very restrictive brewing laws in Thailand these beers are usually brewed by Thai Brewers (often in collaboration with local craft brewers) in a neighbouring or nearby country (Laos , Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Japan and Australia) and imported into Thailand. They are then subject to a high alcohol import duty, which is why they are so costly.

Our hope is that if they can prove a sizeable enough demand that eventually the Thai government may open up the brewing market inside Thailand to allow the Thai Craft Beer enthusiasts to operate completely within Thailand (and with lower taxes / prices!). Not sure if that is just wishful thinking (or wishful drinking!?).

Imported Beers

We will continue to offer a small range of imported beers. We aim to stock a variety of relatively inexpensive brews (this is very relative, as they are all much more expensive than the mass-market local beers).

Important note While we do try to stock interesting and quality beers, wines and spirits it is important to note that we are not a late night boozing / party resort. The restaurants at both Nest 1 and 2 usually close (and stop serving alcohol) at around 9.30pm. Certainly after 10pm we require guests to be quiet and respectful of other guests. If you are wanting a place for a late night party then please look elsewhere.