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Tieland to Thailand - Trip to the Nest in Chiang Dao - 2015

"We cruise north to the Nest in Chiang Dao, Thailand for a few days of peace and relaxation . After a brief, but beautiful motorbike ride from Chiang Mai to Chiang Dao, we find what we are looking. The Nest 1 offered us seclusion, quiet, and great western food. The next day, after decompressing in a a double bungalow, we step it up and go for a family suite at Nest 2. We are blown away by the surroundings and the amazing (and very spicy) Thai food."

The Nest, by Retirement Thailand - 2015

"My favorite remote hangout, The Nest is a magical little resort on an obscure country road at the foot of a mountain ..."

Chiang Dao Nest in the rain - Retirement Thailand - July 2016

"Chiang Dao is slightly more than an hour's drive from Chiang Mai, Thailand. Chiang Dao is one of the magical places in Northern Thailand, blessed with dramatic mountains, wonderful cloud formations, superb climate and lush countryside. The Nest restaurant and resort complements Chiang Dao perfectly, and shows it as its best. Even in the rain..."

Hairy Bikers - 2013/14

Asian Adventure S1 E3 includes Chiang Dao, Northern Thailand.
Start of Chiang Dao part
Start of Northern Thailand part
We hosted the Hairy Bikers (Popular British TV Chefs) and film crew while they were filming in Chiang Dao.
Wicha appears briefly in the Lisu village segment.
Pretty much all of the footage of the bikers riding on mountainous / forested roads was filmed in the Chiang Dao area. This is dotted about throughout the program. Unfortunately a part where the Bikers are filmed emerging from their cabins and enjoying a rice soup breakfast at Chiang Dao Nest 2 (where they stayed) didn't make it into the final edit.
Program first aired: BBC2 Thursday 27th Feb 2014 (filmed July 2013)

Kulove Talon 16/9/2012 (Thai Language)

Popular (and wacky!) Thai travel TV programme featuring Chiang Dao. Chiang Dao Nest part starts at around 16mins - broadcast 16th September 2012

Wicha interviewed for a food program on Mango TV (in Thai) 2012

Wicha on Mango.TV (an obscure Thai Satellite Channel), being interviewed for a food program at Nest 1 restaurant. It is in Thai. Gives an idea of what Wicha and her team at the Nest 1 restaurant produce, and views of the restaurant and surrounds.
From March 2012

Old Chiang Dao Nest reviews

Older Reviews

Eastern Daily Press - Daily Newspaper Norfolk UK - 22nd July 2006 - "One of the few guesthouses in Thailand where you can find pan-roasted duck breast and caramelized pineapple with cracked peppercorn sauce served with mashed potato on the menu" More ...

Thailand Tatler Magazine - Thailand's Best Restaurants 2006 - "creative, delicious and employ only the highest-quality ingredients available; More ...

11th Edition Thailand Lonely Planet Published September 2005 - "excellent forest and mountain views" .. "gourmet restaurant turns out amazingly good European fare" More ...

Bangkok Post Newspaper - 24th April 2003 - ".. Chiang Dao Nest Mini Resort .. simple yet warm bungalow-style accommodation, unexpectedly good Western food and a certain level of comfort the easy going holidaymaker would cherish." More ...

Bangkok Post Newspaper - 6th March 2003 - "Modest but elegant Chiang Dao Nest Mini Resort offers excellent privacy, fine food and good value for money." More ...