Thursday Barbecue

Big Barbecue Thursday – All you can eat for 375 Baht
Most Thursdays (from November to February) the kitchens at both Nest 1 will close at 3.00pm, as our staff will be busy preparing a Big Barbecue at Chiang Dao Nest 1.
The restaurant at Nest 2 is closed from 10.30am, after breakfast is finished, every Thursday throughout the year.
The barbecue itself is a self-service, buffet-style BBQ including lots of fine meat and fish, and plenty of vegetarian options. (We have a separate meat and vegetable grill.)

Please reserve your table before 17.00 pm.

Barbecue time: 18.30pm – 20.30pm. To enjoy the full range of the buffet, please be at Nest 1 by 18.30pm.

Big Barbecue Thursday Menu*

The Meat & Seafood Grill
• Fillet of Norwegian Salmon in Parsley Oil.
• NZ Green Lips Mussels with Fresh Tomatoes Salsa.
• King Prawn Bruschetta in Oil, Garlic and Fresh Ginger.
• Selection of Locally Produced Sausages.
• Mini Pork Burger.
• Marinated Vindaloo Chicken Fillet.
• Meaty Pork Spare Ribs with Chiang Dao Nest Homemade BBQ Sauce.
• Mini Chicken Drum Stick in Coriander and Soya Marinate (Thai Style)
• Minute Steak (cooked to your liking).

The Vegetable Grill
• Grilled Pita Bread.
• Aubergines.
• Zucchinis.
• Seasonal Fresh Mushrooms (Shitake, Eryngii, Oyster …).
• Locally Grown Sweet corn.
• Red Peppers.
• Sweet Yams.
• Grilled Pineapples.
• Grilled Japanese Pumpkins
• And More.......

The Table
• Fresh Mixed Leaves Salad with a Selection of The Nest Salad Dressings …
• Whole Grain Mustard & Honey.
• Sesame and Balsamic.
• Thousand Island.
• Yoghurt and Paprika.
• Cherry Tomatoes Salad.
• 3 Beans Salad.
• Plum Tomatoes and Fresh Basil Salad.
• Green Apple Salad.
• Cucumber and Yoghurt Relish with Fresh Mint.
• Jasmine Rice.
• Home Baked Bread Rolls.
• 2 Cheese Baked Pasta.

The Dips (Mostly Freshly Made At The Nest)
• Garlic Mayonnaise.
• Saffron Aioli.
• Thai Spicy Chili Sauce.
• The Nest Home Made BBQ Sauce.
• Chilli Compote.
• Pineapple Salsa.
• Sri Racha Thai Chili Sauce.
• Creamy Curried Peanut Sauce.
• Thai Sweet Chili Sauce.
• Home Chili & Tamarind Compote.
• Wasabi and Japanese Soya Sauce.
• Home Pickle Vegetable.
• Home Made Fruit Chutney.
• Thai Curried Peanut Sauce
• and More...

*Please note that there may be slight alternations to the menu on occasions, but the above should give you a good idea of what to except and look forward to. Menu may sometime change due to the availability of ingredients.

Dessert is available to order from the blackboard menu, but is not included in the Barbecue price